Man Claims He Received Brand-New Tata Nexon With “Defects”, Company Responds

Tata Nexon

  • Man shared that neither the dealer nor Tata showed any interest in resolving the issue or helped him with a refund.

Bengaluru(India): A man recently expressed his dissatisfaction after receiving a purportedly ‘defective’ brand-new Tata Nexon from a seller in Bengaluru. Sharath Kumar shared a video on Instagram depicting how he, accompanied by family and friends, eagerly awaited the delivery of the Tata Nexon he had purchased for ₹ 18.2 lakhs, only to be disappointed by the discovery of a flawed car. In the video, he meticulously pointed out each issue, including water in the headlights, scratches on the front bumper and quarter panel frame, improperly fitted door rubber beading, flawed welding on the door’s scuff plate, and scratches on the tailgate frame.

Expressing his disappointment, Mr Kumar wrote, “Dreams of my family Shattered when I went to take delivery of NEXON FACELIFT Automatic Petrol Fearless Plus worth 18.2 Lakhs from probably the Worst Dealer of TATA MOTORS i.e PRERANA MOTORS, Yelahanka as they tried to sell me a Defective NEXON Facelift vehicle without doing PDI or any QC they registered vehicle in my name.”

Mr Kumar shared that neither the dealer nor Tata showed any interest in resolving the issue or helped him with a refund. He wrote, “It’s been a month since then, Neither PRERANA nor TATA have any interest in resolving this issue or providing me with a Replacement or Refund. All they want is for me to accept their vehicle after it’s repaired with a 2-year extended warranty. PRERANA or TATA have no sympathy or guts to accept their mistake, they only keep trying to convince me that it’s a good vehicle to drive.”

His post soon went viral and so far it has gathered over 7.1 million views on Instagram. 

Responding to the post, Tata Nexon wrote, “Hi @shras007, our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. Please share your email ID via DM, so we can have the relevant team assist you soon.”

Responding to Tata Nexon, Mr Kumar wrote, “Already in discussion with Prerana CEO Prithvi & Tata Karnataka Zonal Manager Mohammed Ahmed, I’m not at all happy with the solution. We will rather meet in Court soon.”

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