Apple increased the prices of some of its iPhone models sold in India

The smartphone company Apple recently increased the prices of some of its “iPhone models” sold in India. The models that include the new Apple iPhone 11 Pro and the high-end 11 Pro Max. Apple iPhone 8, has recently undergone a price increase. Now, the iPhone will see a price hike after the increase like The Apple iPhone 11 Pro now starts at Rs 1,01,200 instead of Rs 99,900. The iPhone 11 Pro Max now starts at Rs 1,11,200 instead of its launch price of Rs 1,09,900. The new prices are already in effect in both online and offline stores across the country.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB is now available for Rs 50,600. The iPhone 8 Plus 128GB is now available for Rs 55,600. Meanwhile, Apple iPhone 8 64GB will now be priced at Rs 40,500 and iPhone 8 128GB will now be priced at Rs 45,500. Apple iPhones not affected by the hike include the iPhone 7 and iPhone XR. Apple’s second-best-selling phone in 2019, the Apple iPhone 11, also did not receive a price increase. “It starts now at Rs 64,900.”

Why the price increased?

Apple has increased the prices of all three phones recently due to changes in the Union budget. The increase in the BCD (Basic Customs) rate and withdrawal of pre-exemptions from the BCD / Social Welfare surcharge are responsible for the price increase.

Hence, Apple products manufactured here in India are not affected by the increase. These include the iPhone 11, iPhone 7 series and iPhone XR, manufactured in India by Foxconn and Wistron.

Prices of other Apple products such as the iPad, Apple Watch and Mac range also remain unchanged due to the increase. In other recent news, Apple’s iPhone XR has recently named the best-selling smartphone in 2019. After this, the base variants of the new “iPhone 11 flagship series were launched.

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